May 7, 2018

Warrior 3 | Yoga Tutorial 10 Steps to Warrior 3 | Yoga Tutorial

Warrior 3 is a prerequisite for inversions but it is often done incorrectly.  In this tutorial, we utilize the wall to help us do this pose correctly.  Keep reading for a step by step tutorial of Warrior 3.

1. Take the leg to the wall hip level and check that all of your toes are pointing straight down.

2. As you actively push the foot into the wall, lift the kneecap up contracting the quadriceps.

3.  Place your hands on two blocks on the highest level and take your gaze towards the belly button, pulling the navel to the spine and tucking the ribs in simulating cat pose.

4. Feel a straight line of energy being created from the foot actively pushing into the wall, kneecaps lifting to quads, navel, and ribs pulling in towards the spine with a focused gaze.

5. Keep the hands on the blocks or bring them to the heart in Anjali mudra.

6. Lift the shoulders up away from the floor activating the rhomboids.

7. Stay or try to extend the hands forward.

8. Make sure you didn’t collapse through the back leg by letting it bend and go dead.

9. Check that your lower back is not resembling cow pose.  You want it to resemble cat instead.

10. Understand this pose before attempting to place your body upside down.


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