Well, I can tell you that it’s much easier to remember when you take the time to plan ahead. For me, it always goes back to what kind of teacher do I want to be? I feel a responsibility to my students and I have a good group of regulars so I like to help them work their bodies in different ways. If we did backbends on Monday, I might choose a strength focused class on Wednesday.

I’m also very type A. I type out my classes and super glue them to my notebook, which is color coded. So the brown section is my hamstring-focused classes, green is my arm balance section, and so forth.

This may sound excessive to some, but it is my most prized possession. I can see my growth as a teacher through that notebook. I can see where my head was at in 2011 and how much better I understand sequencing now.

As a teacher, I hope you always remain a student. As a student, how much do you appreciate a good class?

You can tell when a teacher shows up and throws in a million chair poses, chaturanga’s, and then asks you to do 5 rounds on your own while they fidget with the music. I’m sure you can get away with this, but is this truly the kind of teacher you want to be? If you just show up and wing it, does it satisfy you? How does life work out for you when you have no plan? This is your life and you are in the driver’s seat. I leave you with this food for thought.

“Setting an intention is like drawing a map of where you want to go-it becomes the driving force of your higher consciousness. Without an intention, there is no map, and you’re just driving down a road with no destination in mind.” -Chandresh Bhardwaj author of ‘Break the Norms’