April 23, 2018


Now that the foundation for Ellavate Yoga is in place, I want to introduce you to a concept from my little cranium called Journey with Ella.  This is pretty much the idea behind the whole site–a virtual online studio that gives you a glimpse into the different ways I train my body, how and why.

 If you struggle practicing at home or aren’t sure what class to do when, or where to start, the programs I created will be there to answer those concerns and help guide you.  Suggestions for what to practice next will be given at the end of each one. The classes will be delivered to your mailbox for the course of the bundle. All you have to do is press play.

The design of the site allows us to continue growing together as a community, as well as doing our own personal work…All in all, I am and will continue sharing the tips that keep me sane. The practice that keeps me healthy. To me, Ellavate Yoga is my dream, my newborn baby taking flight.  It is the antidote to my stressful life. I hope you enjoy it!


We start each week by setting a theme.  A theme much like the ones we do in class that will carry our awareness off the mat.  You will make that theme your focus and give it the attention it needs. You will respect yourself enough to build the awareness so you can pause and reflect instead of reacting.  You repeat the mantra quietly or allowed until the moment of reaction has passed. This is the work I do. Sometimes it goes well and other times I fail miserably. That’s ok. I, like you, am a human trying to do my best.  


I can only take you as far as I have taken myself.  As I continue to grow and share my journey, I hope to inspire others.  I hope we grow not just physically but mentally as well; it is the mental where many of us create stories that get us stuck in habitual thought patterns living out of habit instead of intent.  Anxiety and fear instead of trust and joy. All emotions I know well as I have practiced them most of my life. Watch Not So Namaste to get a glimpse into my start in life. For me, having grown up with alcoholism and abuse, being at peace is going to be a life-long journey.  It is my biggest wish to be at peace and to share tools that help me sustain those beautiful moments we have all experienced in our lives.  How do we sustain and make those moments become part of the fluidity we welcome in our lives? Hopefully, we can journey and explore the concept of peace as a community.  


If you’re not physically healthy, you can’t think about self-development and spiritual growth. So it is important to take care of yourself.  It is important to live comfortably in the body and to circulate the breath. To move out stagnant energy where diseases sit. To feel alive.  To find the balance between strength and flexibility.

Just like you don’t eat the same thing every day and your diet changes with the seasons, you hopefully also vary the way you move your body.  Our needs also change with seasons and age. Something to keep in mind.

Having this virtual studio with online classes gives me the freedom to share my practice in its entirety in a way that I don’t get to when I teach.  I share my conditioning and strength training drills that you will find under Conditioning. I share my softer side through YIN as we work on regaining mobility in the body and an overall letting go of the mind.  I share my alignment-based Vinyasa Flow that has a particular feel and flow to it.  I share my active stretching classes that can be found under Unravel for the days you don’t want to do a full-on flow but would like to move, breathe and create some space.


Often the hardest part of our lives ends up being our biggest gift.  I think of it as the beauty of collateral damage. This has certainly been true for me with my childhood and the struggle.  However, that same struggle grew into the beauty and gift of yoga. The unique way in which I view the practice, understand the body and sequencing.

I recognize that there are plenty of yoga classes both online and in the city of Los Angeles–just as there are plenty of actors, musicians, acupuncturists, doctors and whatever else your heart may desire to do.  But I bet I’m the only one in my generation who grew up in a Communist Regime, competed in gymnastics at an elite level, and now teaches Yoga in Los Angeles. I’m saying this to help you see your journey and to remember this when your fears kick in.  Whatever it is that you want to do has been done before but no one has or will ever do it your way. That is what the practice, these classes and my message is about.

Know your what, how and why? Go out there and start your journey.

Together we will rise!

XO Ella


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