Recently I started reading and also doing Julia Camerons book called The Artist Way.  The book kept showing up in my path so I figured I should listen to that message.  From the start of the book, you have to commit to three pages of free flow writing daily which has taken me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  On top of that, you also have to take yourself on an Artist’s Datewhich is another two-hour commitment per week.  My initial enthusiasm quickly got replaced by a sense of dread as I had just added another thing to my ever-growing to-dolist.  Im big on efficiency so I really started questioning if this was the best use of my time before getting started.  Im also extremely curious and curiosity won out.  I was interested to see if a successful book like this with such amazing testimonials, would work on me or perhaps for me.  By the way, the testimonials I had been reading did not come from Julia Cameron.  They came from Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris which is advice from successful people in all different fields. Several of them swear by the exercises Julia Cameron presents in The Artists Way.   



ellavate yoga - online yogaI strongly believe that life is about our own personal view on things otherwise known as perception. Here is a quick example: recently I was at the Korean Spa which helps me keep my sanity in this crazy city and a group of girlfriends were coming out of getting a scrub treatment.  This is a treatment that I try to get every month and can personally say leaves you feeling like a brand new human.  They were asking each other how they felt and the answer was similar to what I stated above.  When the last one came out, she hugged her friend and said; Thanks for making me come today.”  

Other friend: You had to make her come?”  

My thought exactly!

Friend: Yes she did.  You know I dont like to try new things and it sounded weird.  But I feel so good.  When are we coming back?”  They all broke out in laughter.  We all do this.  We all create a perception of things and make a judgment about people and places we know absolutely nothing about.  Then we take it one step further and make the decision that a particular person or event is not for us.  When having the actual experience, how often are you proved wrong?  Yet, we turn around and do it all over again having learned nothing.  



I decided to take on the same mantra and approach that I ask of my students in class.  I would watch my attitude.What if I approached the morning pages and the Artist dates with excitement?  With curiosity?  I figured if by some miracle I had a little genius inside just waiting to explode, this would be worth the investment in time.  I can tell you that if a genius does exist inside of me, the little fellow is taking its time!  What I can attest to so far in this writing journey is that I feel lighter in both body and mind.  I feel more clear and focused when Im teaching.  More rooted and observant rather than reactive.  

To encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, pick up a pen and paper and just freestyle write anything and everything that comes to mind. I now think of this process as throw up of the mind.”  An emptying of the mind if I was to be more polite.  Below is one page of my morning pages. Enjoy and dont judge!  Whos ready to take this on for the whole 12 weeks?


Well, today didnt go as planned at all.  Just getting to class/West Hollywood Yogaworks was of course crazy.  Bulldozer truck trying to go through Hollywood Hills.  Fire trucks by Runyon Canyon.  A guy that was just chillinin his car at a stop sign that was either unaware of the cars behind him or gave zero fucks.  His friend than proceeded to get out of his car and I had the urge to go up to the driver side and choke him slowly and pause right when he couldnt take it anymore and ask: Were you unaware of the line of cars behind you or do you simply not care that some us perhaps have to work today?”  If I was the hero of the story, I would pause and take a sip of my Cafe Cubano.  I wish the Korean Spa, Din Tai Fung, and Adidas would sponsor me.  Gotta stay fresh in my kicks!  Sal and I took Anjali for a walk on this perfect sunny day.  I told Sal that I have to take myself on an Artist Date this weekend as I must follow the rules of the book.  A two-hour date it must be!  

Sal: Can I come with you?

Me: No, not according to the book.

Sal: Than just pretend that Im not there.

Me: You know I cant do that.  It will never work.

Sal: than f*ck your book!

All I could do was laugh because he said it ever so cute and he never uses a bad word.  This book. This book! De done es little genius?  De done es?



Ive been listening to a lot of NPRs, How I Built This, and what Ive come to realize is that the most popular and successful household brands had no idea what they were doing when they started.  Neither did I with my online classes. I knew one aspect of it which also happens to be my passion, Yoga.  When people encouraged me to do it, they said, I would just have to release 14 classes. I never ever thought a blog would be necessary and probably laughed at the people who called themselves bloggers.  I never realized I would have to do marketing and learn boring concepts that make me want to break out in a rash like SEO and CTA.  Looking back now, I think how could I not have realized that I was starting an online business? How could I have been so naive? I questioned my common sense.  But the thing is if you listen to episodes from how Whole Foods, Crate and Barrel, and Lonely Planet got started, none of them knew what they were doing.

They all had a strong burning desire that kept pulling at them all day long until they gave into that energy force and created an action plan. Which brings me to my next point.


All the brands stated above had a choice. They could fold before giving themselves a chance because they realized how much they did not know, or they could take the time to learn it.  



As a full-time Yoga teacher in Los Angeles, I spend a lot of my time in my car. I can listen to the same songs on all 5 stations, or I can utilize that time to gain some free knowledge. Everything I need to learn on SEOs, CTAs and online platforms can be found for free on Youtube or other peoples podcasts who have had success and are willing to share their knowledge to you for FREE. It is all available to you if you are hungry, honest and humble enough to realize and acknowledge that you might need help learning about certain aspects of the business.  



As I adjusted my yoga schedule recently, I have gained a new group of students who are asking me questions that I have not had to answer in awhile compared to my regular group of yogis. A big priority for me when building this site is to empower the students. To give the knowledge back to them by posting videos on my Youtube channel which builds their yoga practice from the ground up with my own personal cues and tips. In other words, free knowledgefor those who are interested. What surprises me, is how few of them actually watch it. You are already showing up on your mat. Why wouldnt you take the time to educate and empower yourself with the free knowledge already out there especially if it’s being offered by the teacher you are currently studying with? In my case and maybe yours, Ive already started the online platform, and perhaps you have started a new business. So why wouldnt you take the time to empower and educate yourself?




I recently took a class with a senior yoga teacher who told me she liked the version of the twist I was doing but she doesn’t know HOW to teach it. To me, thats just lazy.  If youre going to charge people thousands of dollars for teacher trainings but dont know how to teach a basic twist, you have no business doing that. The how is not the problem here. In my opinion, it is a question about passion and desire:  as long as you have access to the internet or a book, you can learn how to teach that twist. You can make excuses or you can make it happen. You can focus on your lack of resourcesand I must admit I often do this and it can be a valid concern especially when it comes to lack of financial resourcesor you can find a way to make it happen. Perhaps you feel a bit stuck because you cant invest in your business in the way that you would want? But how does that mindset help you?  How does that help your action plan?  Your dream and potential? Or you can keep moving forward one step at a time. Start with the free knowledge that is already out there. Educate yourself on those that have done a version of what it is you are trying to do. Save yourself some headaches and most likely money by learning from their mistakes. This is your life, “so whatever you choose to believe will be the concept that runs your mind.” (Joe Vitale)  

What do you choose? Fear or self-empowerment? Excuses and standing still or free knowledge as a step forward? 

Let me know in the comments!

xo Ella