This summer, I was thinking of taking the month of August off to paddle board, play on my mat, watch Netflix, and chill. But like always, life laughed at me and made other plans!

I’ve spent the last four months balancing my teaching schedule with recording audio fitness classes and developing them into specific programs—just me, a sound engineer and a recording booth! I never really imagined my career would take me in this direction— especially with my accent! It has been very challenging, but looking back at the last four months, I think it’s exactly what I needed. It has made me more precise in my teaching and allowed me to face more of my fears.

If you wish to check out the finishing product and try any of the audio classes for FREE, download the ClassPassGo app here! and look for me, Ella under trainers.

I’m a very visual person, so having to teach with only my voice and no visuals forced me to be as direct and efficient as possible. As a result, this process allowed me to see my website through new eyes and ponder what it is that I’m trying to communicate both online and in my classes. I’m happy to say that starting next month, I will be filming new classes and bringing you different programs and in different styles—ones that I’ve been developing and exploring in my own practice. For now, enjoy the release of these FIVE NEW CLASSES:

Yin & Stretch:

Release Tension in your Hip Flexors
Hip Opening Stretches 

Vinyasa Flow

Strength And Flexibility Stress Test
Journey to Crow Pose
Journey to Splits 

Recording 70 audio classes in a four-month period was quite intense. It also made me realize that I really like sharing the themes I talk about in class over audio—because my voice and personality can be present in a way that I’m not yet comfortable with in writing. I want to spend the rest of this year filming and developing programs for my own site. After that, I have no idea how, but I want to attempt Journey with Ella through some sort of podcast on my site.
What are you working on that is way out of your comfort zone but your heart is burning with passion and your gut is screaming at you to try? If you know the answer, start taking daily steps toward it if you haven’t already. If you’re uncertain, sit with the question. The answer will always come.

Let’s allow ourselves the freedom to explore and create! Life is meant to be a journey!

In my attempt of bringing balance into my body and mind, I sadly had to let go of a lot of classes. You can find my current schedule here!
Hope to see you guys for Stretch and Invert Saturday, September 15th at Forward Fold! You can sign up here.


Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the human experience and perhaps where we have taken a wrong turn.  When did life become having our eyes glued to our phones writing #blessed but forgetting to actually immerse ourselves in the experience?  When did life get so busy that we are always playing catch-up with no time to simply just live and exist? When did we stop remembering that we are all in this together?  That we are much more alike than we are different? Why must we create a hostile environment of honking at one another and throwing up the middle finger rather than sharing the road?  Why can’t we support each other on our chosen path rather than judging and tearing each other down?

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June Is just a few days away reminding us that we are six months into 2018. Often, this realization can make me panic feeling like I haven’t accomplished everything that I set out to do.  This can send me spiraling down the dark black hole where I question my whole existence. This year I decided to notice what is right first.  I hope what you read below will help you to realize the same.

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I try to remind students (and myself) that we are much more alike than we are different.  I ask them to breathe together, as you never know how much the reminder of breath is helping the student next to you get through a challenging life moment.  I know what its like to what ifyourself to death, to live in a state of fear and anxiety where it feels like making a decision will leave you paralyzed. But I’ve been grateful lately to also experience pure joy and bliss where the mind is empty and quiet and there is no desire to be anywhere other than the current place and moment.

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Warrior 3 | Yoga Tutorial Warrior 3 is a prerequisite for inversions but it is often done incorrectly.  In this tutorial, we utilize the wall to help us do this pose correctly.  Keep reading for a step by step tutorial of Warrior 3.

1. Take the leg to the wall hip level and check that all of your toes are pointing straight down.

2. As you actively push the foot into the wall, lift the kneecap up contracting the quadriceps.

3.  Place your hands on two blocks on the highest level and take your gaze towards the belly button, pulling the navel to the spine and tucking the ribs in simulating cat pose.

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