standing foot placement in yoga

For today’s key tips and video, we will focus on foot placement in standing postures such as Triangle, where the front foot and the back foot perform different tasks.  Please pay special attention to number four.   

STEP 1. Have your front foot face the front of the mat.  

STEP 2. As a general rule, you should be able to draw a straight line from the heel of the front foot to the middle of your back foot.

STEP 3. Pause and explore your practice if you have tighter hips and hamstrings.  Would it be better for you if you were to draw a straight line from the front heel to the back heel?  Does having more space feel good for your body?  If so, do your standing postures this way until you gain more mobility in the lower half of your body.

STEP 4. When you look back, you should be able to see all of your toes facing forward. 


Watch the tutorial on YouTube here!