Life is often a juggling act.  It’s tough to hold on when you have days (or weeks) when you just want to say, “Fuck this,” and buy a one-way ticket elsewhere.  But you didn’t come this far to stop now.

Courage is knowing when to hold on, realizing that all this work is temporary. 

To remember that you’re building a strong foundation, which takes time.  To remember that the work you put in now will give you freedom later.  You need to hold on when things get tough—and choose your courage.  

On the flip side, it’s also important to have the strength to let go when you know something has run its course.  If we’re being honest with ourselves, this can occur in friendships, romantic relationships, and careers.

Who we were then is not who we are now!  Either the energy doesn’t flow with ease (making us feel stuck, trapped, anxious, and angry), or it becomes evident that this chapter of our life is over.  Yet, we often lie to ourselves a bit longer; it takes time to accept the fact that a transition is necessary in order for us to continue growing as human beings.  

It’s tough to accept when a relationship has run its course.  It’s tough to accept when your career no longer inspires you or fits who you are today.  It’s certainly tough (and sometimes scary) to step out of your comfort zone and figure out the next chapter of your life.

So I ask: Looking at yourself right now, what part of your life requires you to have the courage to hold on a little longer? 

What aspect of your life has run its course and requires you to have the strength to let go?  

You can lie to others—but be honest with yourself.  We get one shot at life.  Don’t play small. 

  • Ksenia May 21, 2020

    Ella, thank you for sharing. Love this post! Hope you are doing well and adapting to this new lifestyle. I am so saddened to see that yoga industry and many other industries are going to be affected so drastically but truly believe that we are going to be more courageous and completely renewed after it.

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