Will my CC be charged?

Not if you cancel before your free trial ends.

How many classes are included in your online platform?

150 classes and nine curated programs, with many more to come!

How can I search for classes that are right for me?

You can filter classes by Category, Level, and Time. For now, “All Levels” is only applicable for Yin.
If you only want to search for “Programs,” simply choose PROGRAMS and do not select a level or timed category.

How do I return back to the original “sign in” page of the site?

Simply tap my “Ellavate Yoga” logo or go to “Menu Bar” and choose the “Catalog” option.

I’m new to ELLAVATEYOGA. Where should I start my journey?

That depends on your goals. Are you looking for strength or flexibility? Are you working on handstands, or needing to release tension and anxiety?
If you need help, e-mail me and I’ll be happy to guide you.

Are your classes appropriate for beginners?

Only the YIN section: otherwise probably not. I strongly believe that your foundation should be taught by a live teacher. That said, if you’re a former athlete with prior knowledge of your body in space, most of my site would likely be accessible.

What levels do you offer?

All Levels for Yin. Vinyasa, Conditioning, and Stretch are for Intermediate and Strong practitioners.

What are Programs?

Programs are tailored classes with specific sequences that I’ve developed to help you experience a deeper relationship with aspects of the practice, such as building strength, gaining flexibility, learning relaxation, or understanding the mechanics of a particular pose.

Are all the “Programs” included in my plan?


Do you offer any free resources?

Yes. I have a Youtube channel Ellavateyoga that I strongly suggest you utilize to help enhance both your practice and your experience on my site.

How do I cancel my membership?

Although I will be sad to see you go, you can cancel your membership by signing in and going to your DASHBOARD. Click on “billing.” Scroll to the bottom and choose “change plan.” You will see “cancel membership” further down on the page.