I’ve been thinking a lot about the human experience and perhaps where we have taken a wrong turn. When did life become about having our eyes glued to our phones writing #blessed but forgetting to actually immerse ourselves in the experience?

When did life get so busy that it feels like we are constantly playing catch-up with no time to simply just live and exist? When did we stop remembering that we are all in this together? That we are much more alike than we are different?

Why must we create a hostile environment of honking at one another and throwing up the middle finger rather than sharing the road?
Why can’t we support each other on our chosen paths rather than judging and tearing each other down?

As I was pondering these questions and taking note of my neighbourhood in Los Angeles, I kept wondering: why don’t we create a better environment? One that we can all enjoy and appreciate. An environment that makes us believe there’s enough to go around for everyone. That we are enough. One that reminds us to treat each other with kindness.

I don’t have the answers, but I am sitting with the questions and observing myself so I can notice if I’m part of the problem or part of the solution. What role do you play in this human experience?


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