I’ve been observing myself and noticing what thoughts I allow into my mind. What mental images and stories that go along with my thoughts do I entertain? Do these thoughts line up with what I want to accomplish in 2019? Do my mental images line up with my bigger picture of staying in the flow of life and not getting stuck in bad patterns of behavior and emotions? Am I helping create my future or hindering my own process? 


ellavate yoga blogAs I was sitting with these questions and observing myself, I noticed how ridiculous my thoughts can be. Just this morning, while playing fetch with Anjali in our backyard, I heard an airplane go by—is pretty normal where we live.  For a moment, I decided that the next thing to annoy me will be airplanes.  In the future, I will be annoyed by the noise of airplanes and therefore I will need to move from this little back house that I currently love so much.  In the future, I have decided that I will be annoyed!  I laughed at how ridiculous this declaration was on this beautiful morning and placed my attention back on the beauty surrounding me.


If you take my yoga class, you know I switch it up a lot—so it’s best if you remain present during the practice.  This week I was observing new students take the typical plank-chaturanga-updog series before realizing that the rest of the class was doing something completely different.  Physically they were in the class, but mentally they were  entertaining something stronger than the desire to be present.  In situations like this, I often want to ask them to share the thoughts they’re entertaining.  What mental images are they creating?  What seeds are being planted in that cranium?


There’s a story about a student asking Socrates how wisdom might be attained.  Socrates took the student to a fountain and told him to submerge his head in water—whereby Socrates continued to hold the student’s head down until the poor guy was struggling for air.  When the student finally managed to escape, Socrates told him that when his desire for wisdom is equaled his desire to breathe, wisdom would follow.


The gift and the curse of life is that you have the power to choose.  The power to create.  What are you entertaining in your mind?  What seeds are you planting that will one day come to fruition?  You must observe yourself and become the gatekeeper of your mind!




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